b y b e x f u r n o

In its previous life bybexfurno was called BabyGirl Studio. 

Starting in 2017, I painted a leather jacket for an influencer to wear to LFW. This came out of the blue and started me on the process of creating a brand. 

Feeling a little suffocated in my daytime job and missing being creative, I decided to make it work. At the time I was working for a vintage brand so had access to great vintage product. As well as also sourcing myself, from previous experience of running a vintage business with my sister. 

I started with a small capsule collection. Hand painted denim and leather garments. They were displayed as artwork and from that, I knew I needed to do more, create more.

Initially, I wasn't in love with the items I was creating, but they were proving successful. So I decided to trust my gut and keep going. However I knew the brand would have to evolve for me to keep my passion for it. 

So as I re worked my business plan and started to incorporate more of a set aesthetic, my confidence within my brand increased. 

I started a small line of t-shirts, which grew and grew. T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, greetings cards, mugs and cushions. Not to mention all the hand painted vintage garments and handbags. This leading on to experimenting with bleaching fabrics, something that I now love working with.

In 2018 I worked on the K*SWISS #KLASSOF18 project. Where I was commissioned to create a 5 piece collection. Showcasing my personal painting style and incorporating the K*SWISS brand. To see all the imagery, check the blog post. I was also featured in the accompanying zine, something I was and am very proud of. 

Starting something as a little side hustle to keep my creativity thriving, was turning into a viable business. 

As we are all more than aware of, 2020 was difficult beyond measure. However, it also gave me the courage to initiate my full rebrand and move my business into its next stage. With a stronger emphasis on my illustrations and paintings.

Don't you worry though, I still have some OG BabyGirl Studio stock for you to snap up. Check the sale section for some iconic pieces. This re brand has been so important to me, to create products that I feel proud of. That align with the colours and textures I love, to create beautiful products.


While also allowing my creative side to expand, I have taken on new clients on a freelance basis. 

Working within a range of businesses allows me to gain inspiration from unexpected sources. 

I focus on brand aesthetic, brand message being at its core.

One of my clients came to me wanting a stronger, more stylised aesthetic. Something I have managed to create with inspirational imagery.  

I have an extensive list of areas I can advise and work within. 

To name a few: Brand Aesthetic, Scheduling, Social Content, Content Creation, Ad Campaigns, Email Marketing, eCommerce, Content Management and more. 


Please get in touch to discuss upcoming projects and opportunities. 

Bex x